Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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ultrasonic thickness gauge model edison – 1

microprocessor based ultrasonic thickness gauge model edison – 1 with lcd display (specification as per leaflet enclosed)

this is a micro controller based, pocket sized instrument features, sealed touch key pad and built in calibration blocks with a large lcd display. It also features one step calibration and operates on two aa batteries includes the following standard accessories:-

a) dt – 201 : dual type standard probe for general-purpose applications frequency: 5 mhz, contact face dia: 12. 5mm)

b) dt – 231 : probe cable (double, co-axial, 1. 5 met. Length, with swiss make lemo plugs)

c) dt – 273 : carrying/storage case (special, foam fitted wooden case)

d) et – 271 : protective case

e) et – 341 : rechargeable ni-cad batteries (qty: 4 nos. )

f) et – 245 : battery charger for et – 341 above

g) - : operation manual

h) - : “test and calibration certificate” with trace ability to npl delhi.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Einstein-II TFT

Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Einstein-II TFT, with colour display for excellent visibility, Auto DAC plotting, Digital Thickness/distance measurements, trigonometric measurements of depth and surface distance in weld inspection, memory of 200 A-scan images and 50 set-up data, RS 232 for PC connectivity with transfer software.

Standard Accessories :

  • ATB-1: 14.8 Volts/4AH Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (Qty: 1 No.)
  • ATC-1 : Battery Charger cum Mains Power Pack with Charge Status Indicator & Power Cord (Qty: 1 No.)
  • ETK : Special Leather Protective Case with shoulder sling and waist-strap (Qty: 1 No.)
  • EL-372 : Plastic moulded Foam Flitted Carrying Case with lock for storage and transportation of complete kit (Qty: 1 No.)
  • Ein Soft-1 : Transfer software on CD-Rom
  • Eincord-1 : Data cord to interface Einstein-II TFT with PC
  • Eincord-2 : Data cord to interface Einstein-II TFT with Printer
  • EIM-1 : Illustrated instruction (Operation) Manual in English (Qty: 1 No.)
  • Test & Calibration Certificate as per ASTM E-317-94 Traceable to NPL-New Delhi

Black Light Kit

Salient Features:
We are offering Blacklight Kit.

  • Optimum performances with Koop-glass filter
  • Cool to touch, on heating housing & handle
  • Safety bezel prevents accidental damage to filter & bulb
  • Tough aluminium housing for rugged use
  • Comfort grip with concealed cable connection
  • Optional, built in silent fan for forced cooling

NON Destructive Testing Equipment (NDT)

NON Destructive Testing Equipment (NDT)

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Our organization is one of leading manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of high quality range of NON Destructive Testing Equipment (NDT). These instruments are made using advanced technology and are used to examine the internal integrity of metals, plastics and composite material.

The details are given below:

  • Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge ASTM Reference Blocks, Probes and Cables
  • Magnetic Crack Detector - Yoke and Prod Method and UV Black Light Kit
  • Eddy Current Sorter, UV Intensity Meter and Lux Meter
  • Digital Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Dye Penetrate Chemicals and Pie field Indicator Gauss meter
  • Radiation Survey Meter, Zone Monitor, Pocket Dosi Meters & Gas Leak Detectors
  • Magnetic Dry Powders, Paste Waste washable & Oil Based Fluorescent Powders

Magnetic Crack Detector Portable Yoke Kit

Magnetic Crack Detector Portable Yoke Kit

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Magnetic Crack Detector Portable Yoke Kit Type AC/DC Model

Technical Specifications :

Type : Portable
Dimension of carrying case : L x W x H = 440 mmx 330 mm x125mm (approx)
Weight of Yoke : 3.5 Kg (approx)
Weight of Complete Kit : 6.2 Kg(approx)
Pole Spacing : 0 to 300mm through articulated legs
Pole Face Area : 25mm x 25mm
Power Supply : 230 V ± 30 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz, 5 Amps A.C.
Input Current : 2 Amps(max)
Magnetisation : Longitudinal
Magnetic Field : A.C.; Constant, H.W.D.C,; Variable
Flux Density : Approx, 10600 lines of force/cm² at 100mm pole spacing
Controls : i) Push Button On-Off for Operation

: ii) Toggle Switch for A.C. / HWDC selection

: iii) Potentiometer for Infinite Step(Step less)

HW DC Field variation
Lifting Power : a) H.W.D.C.: 28 Kg at 100 mm spacing

b) A.C.: 5 Kg at 100 mm spacing
Duty Cycle : 50% on 5 Minutes time cycle
Bump Test for Kit : Withstands 40 g, 4000 bumps
Test Process : Dry or Wet
Test Method : Continuous or Residual
Test Technique : Yoke Magnetization
Test Particles : Visible, under white light

Fluorescent, under Black Light
Application of Particles : By Squeeze Bottle or Dry Powder Bulb
Demagnetization : By A.C. Flux Reduction Method

Supplied Along With the Following Accessories :

  1. Dry Powder Bulb (with nozzle) containing
  2. 150 gm of Grey Magnetic Powder
  3. BHEL Test block

UV Intensity Meter

UV Intensity Meter

Model : UV 340 Lutron Make

Technical Specification :

  • UV LIGHT METER, pocket
  • Model: UV-340
  • Spectrum: 290 nm - 390 nm
  • Application: UVA & UVB measurement.
  • 2 ranges: 1999 W/cm2 x 1 W/cm2. 19990 W/cm2 x 10 W/cm2.
  • Pocket size.
  • Separate probe easy operation.

MPI Equipment

Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment Model – 1000 AMPS

Special Features :-

Rugged construction for durable service Specify designed pack all accessories kit for in-situ testing. Heavy-duty standard copper conductors for high conductivity & easy flexibility. Silver Tipped Copper Prods to avoid Copper Contamination.

Preset electronic timer to control duration of magnetizing period Thyristorised Current Control System for infinite step control High accuracy Ammeter with read out retention facility for easy reading.

Technical Specifications : -

Type: Portable
Magnetization: Both Circular and Longitudinal
Test Technique: ‘Prod’ and ‘Cable Wrap’
Test Process: Dry or Wet
Test Method: Continuous / Residual
Power Supply: 230 V Single phase 50 Hz 35 Amps a.c.
Magnetizing Current: 1000 amps A.C. (Max) & 1000 amps H.W.D.C (Max)
Magnetizing Current Control: In Finite steps by Thyristorised Control
Indicating Meters: Ammeter to read A.C. / H.W.D.C. with readout retention facility
Magnetizing Period: Controlled by Preset electronic timer (0-5 Sec)
Application of Particles: By Dry Power Bulb or by Squeeze Bottle
Demagnetization: By A.C. Reduction Method
Input Supply: Voltage (V): 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Phase: 2 Phase
Max. Output Current: 1000 Amps
Current Drawn: 35 Amps
Open Circuit Voltage in DC: 5.0 V
Voltage in Ac: 4.0 V
Max. KVA Ratings: 6 KVA
Net Weight: 40 Kg.
Duty Cycle: 2 Min ON & 2 Min OFF
Class of Insulation: ‘F’ Class
Current Control: Thyristorised Step - less solid

state current control
Dimensions: 550 mm X 240 mm X 240 mm

Digital Lux Meter

Item Code: LX-101

We are a renowned company offering a wide range of excellent quality testing equipment, which are designed following industry set guidelines. They are considered as excellent for photography as well as lighting industry. Our such equipment are appropriate for the light level in factory, store, office and school. These Digital Lux Meter are integrated with light sensor, manual operations and carrying case.

Eddy Current Sorter Machine

Eddy Current Sorter Machine

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We are the leading manufacturers & suppliers of an impregnable range of Eddy Current Systems. Manufactured with sophisticated machines and technologies, these Eddy Current Crack Detectors & Sorting Systems are offered as per the international quality parameters. These systems are demanded for their smooth operation, durability and high efficiency. Our systems are used to detect the metallurgical flaws Cracks, Seams, Hardness variations, Plating variations, Case Depth and Tensile Strength.